New and seasoned investors can invest in female entrepreneurs, create social impact and earn solid returns 

  • Invest in woman-led ventures
  • Invest in notes with 15% percent interest 
  • Diversify your portfolio beyond real estate, stocks, and bonds  


As an alternative to real estate and stock investing, investors can invest in women-led ventures and gain solid returns


Women-led teams outperform male teams by 63%

Women led companies are undervalued so they have high growth projections.

Whether you have $100 or $100k, you can invest on the EnrichHER platform!  

Most investment platforms are for the wealthy, EnrichHER is for everyday people who want to make an impact while receiving a return on investment.

Why should investors consider investing through revenue sharing notes on EnrichHER?

Investors at EnrichHER should consider investing via revenue sharing notes because a revenue sharing note provides payment flexibility to a business based on its performance, payments made to investors will also vary. If the company performs better than expected, the investors will receive recompensation in a shorter period. If the business performance is worse than expected, the investors will receive reimbursement over a more extended period. In each case, the total payment amount is fixed, however, the rate of return on investment can fluctuate. As a result, a revenue sharing note could potentially provide a rate of return similar to an equity investment. The tradeoff is that a revenue sharing note investor forgoes the predictability of fixed payments that are available in a term note investment.

For risks associated with revenue sharing notes, see Risk Warnings.

What can investors expect to receive when they invest through revenue sharing notes on EnrichHER?

Each offering of revenue sharing notes on EnrichHER has a fixed investment multiple, which determines the total return to investors before EnrichHER deducts fees. For example, if the investment multiple is 1.20, that means investors can expect to be paid 1.20x their original investments before EnrichHER deducts expenses.  

Note that debt securities offered on EnrichHER are not guaranteed or insured, and investors may lose some or all of the principal invested subject to an issuer’s ability to adequately service the debt and not default.

For risks associated with revenue sharing notes, see Risk Warnings.

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